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February is Pet Dental Health Month!

Do you brush your teeth daily and floss frequently? Are you acutely aware when your breath is not fresh? Do you worry about your oral health and regularly see your dentist for cleaning, x-rays and thorough oral exams? That being said – is your pet’s health important to you? Of course, it is! Providing routine…

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Top 10 Cat Emergencies

Top 10 Cat Emergencies Cats often become reclusive and hide when they are not feeling well, which makes knowing when they need to be seen by your veterinarian a challenge. They have unique signs of emergency conditions that often go unrecognized by owners. Some injuries are obvious, such as a cat with an open wound,…

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Easter Pet Poisons

The veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline receive hundreds of calls this time of year from pet owners and veterinarians concerning cats that have ingested Easter lilies. “Unbeknownst to many pet owners, Easter lilies are highly toxic to cats,” said Ahna Brutlag, DVM, MS assistant director at Pet Poison Helpline. “All parts of the Easter lily…

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Animal Medical Center of the Village

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