We Implement Cat Friendly Practice Principles

Unlike dogs, many cats don’t get the care they need for a healthy life. Furthermore, thanks to the challenge they pose to their owners when it’s time to go to the veterinarian, many people simply give up. After all, if your cat never leaves the house, are they really in any danger?

As a matter of fact, indoor pets can be vulnerable to disease, too. Therefore, we encourage yearly visits to the veterinarian for all of our patients, regardless of  lifestyle. Cats do an admirable job hiding their discomfort, making wellness exams all the more important. Our veterinary team understands the special needs that cats possess. Consequently, we’ve taken significant steps to accommodate them more fully at our pet hospital by adopting many cat friendly techniques.

Our efforts and commitment to keeping all pets healthy have made us more adaptable and capable of fulfilling a wider range of needs. Furthermore, our veterinary team works hard to help our feline patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during their time with us.

Our animal hospital makes an extra effort to create a safe space for the cats of Houston, Texas and neighboring communities including Belleaire and West University Place.

Cat Friendly Practice Principles - Animal Medical Center of the Village - Houston, Texas

What We Do to Make Cats Feel Welcome

Making Cats Feel Welcome - Animal Medical Center of the Village - Houston, Texas

Our veterinary team members have worked hard to make our pet hospital a friendly place for cats. Together, we have made it our goal to improve our feline patients’ experiences in the following ways:

• Gentle and minimal handling.
• Reducing lobby waiting times and ushering clients into exam rooms more quickly.
• Cats-only exam rooms arranged to make them feel more secure.
• Having medical and surgical equipment specifically for cats.
• Using feline pheromones to help cats relax.
• Having trained staff members assist in appointments to check for unusual health or behavior changes.
• Encouraging the use of cat carriers with removable tops so we can leave cats in their carriers during exams.

What This Means For You

Our hope is to see more cats coming through our doors for much-needed treatment. We know how much your feline companion means to you and your family! If you want to make visits to the veterinarian easier and reduce their stress at home, we’d be more than happy to help. By implementing cat friendly techniques at our animal hospital and encouraging better practices at home, you can expect to have a happier, healthier feline. Our pets’ lives are short, and we believe in making every year count.

We look forward to seeing you and your cat at our pet clinic in Houston, Texas. If you have questions about how we can accommodate your pet, call (713) 728-7004.