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Caring for Senior and Geriatric Pets

What is the Difference Between Senior and Geriatric Pets?

Senior pets are pets that are past the age of about 7 in dogs, and about 10 in cats. Even if your pet appears to be perfectly healthy at this age, subclinical problems can start to develop. Detecting these conditions early and monitoring them can make a big difference in treatment and improve the outcome of your pet’s health.

Geriatric pets are more advanced in age and becoming fragile. The accumulated effects of multiple impairments make these pets vulnerable to injury or disease. They may experience falls, weakness, weight loss, anxiety, cognitive degeneration, incontinence, mobility issues, sleep disturbances, or other advanced disease processes.

How Can I Help My Senior or Geriatric Pet?

Bring in your pet for a veterinary visit! A comprehensive physical exam and diagnostics such as senior blood work or X-rays can provide our doctors with valuable information about your pet’s health. As with humans, early detection and intervention are important to slow or even stop disease progression in its tracks. This also gives you the opportunity to discuss changes you are noticing in your pet with your veterinarian – often there are solutions available that can greatly ease or alleviate some of your pet’s discomfort or difficulty.

Routine veterinary care is important for both senior and geriatric pets. While monitoring, health maintenance, and early detection are paramount in senior pet care, geriatric pets often require more thorough diagnostics and follow-up care.

At Animal Medical Center of the Village, we offer the latest technologies for diagnosing and treating ailments seen in senior pets and geriatric pets. Our kind, caring staff is also available to provide support for animal caregivers – the stress and emotions involved with caring for an aging pet are very real and can be difficult.

Call us today to schedule your senior pet care appointment! We look forward to working with your four-legged family members and keeping their tails wagging well into their golden years.

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