Pet Parasite Prevention in Houston, TX

Pet Parasite Prevention in Houston

Whether you’re just learning the ropes about pet ownership or have had four-legged family members for years, you’ve probably been warned about parasites and the trouble they can cause. That’s why year-round pet parasite prevention is no exaggeration—heartworms, fleas, ticks and intestinal worms are a health concern for your pet virtually every month of the year!

Along with the very annoying infestations that can occur, parasites are also capable of transmitting disease to our pets (and occasionally us). Therefore, prevention is essential to keeping your pet healthy and avoiding costly treatments.


Common Pet Parasites and Vector-Borne Illnesses

Parasites can be found just about everywhere, but there are certain types that love to snack on our pets. These include:

HeartwormsTransmitted by mosquitoes, heartworms tend to congregate around the heart, lungs and major blood vessels. Over time, they can cause irreparable damage to these organs. In extreme cases, heartworm disease can be fatal.

Ticks – Ticks come in many varieties, but a blacklegged tick also known as the deer tick is most responsible for transmitting Lyme disease to animals and people. Lyme disease can lead to inflamed joints, lameness, fever and lethargy. Always check your pet (and yourself) for ticks before entering your home. If you find a tick on your pet, remove it carefully and quickly and disinfect the bite area. Call us for further instruction.

Fleas – Fleas are tiny but their presence can quickly become unbearable. Along with causing you and your pet to itch, their bite can result in an allergic reaction. Furthermore, if your pet unknowingly swallows an infected flea, they can end up with tapeworms.


Pet Parasite Prevention Options

Our animal hospital carries quality, veterinarian-guaranteed preventives for cats and dogs to keep them protected. These include:

  • Heartgard Plus: Heartworm prevention for dogs in the form of chewable “treats”
  • NexGard: Flea and tick prevention in flavor tab form for dogs
  • Trifexis: Flea and intestinal parasite prevention in flavor tab form for dogs
  • Vectra: Flea and tick prevention in topical form for dogs and cats
  • Revolution: Heartworm, flea and intestinal parasite prevention for cats
  • Proheart 12: Heartworm prevention (12 months) in injectable form for dogs

If you have questions about the products listed, give us a call! We would also be glad to help you in choosing the best options for your pet.

Puppies playing outside after receiving pet parasite prevention