Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning in Houston, TX

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Houston, TX

Have you ever tried brushing your pet's teeth? Did you know that it can play a role in helping your pet live longer? Pets benefit from daily dog or cat teeth cleanings and other dental treatments just like we do, but they rarely receive that level of care. Thus, to better educate owners and maintain their pet's health, our veterinary team in Houston, TX is diligent about promoting dentistry and offering viable solutions. Additionally, dogs and cats that receive consistent dental care can live several years longer than those that do not.

Also, it is important to note that more than half of all cats and dogs will develop gum disease by age three. Committing to a sensible dental care regimen can easily prevent the onset of gum disease. However, it is also one of the most common conditions affecting our pets today.


Our Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning Services

The dog and cat teeth cleaning services we offer at our animal hospital can both treat and prevent a variety of problems in the oral cavity. These include:

  • Dental radiography┬áto check for fractures, decay, and other issues below the gum line
  • Ultrasonic scaling to remove stubborn tartar and calculus from the tooth surface
  • Mechanical teeth polishing to smooth the surface of each tooth
  • Fluoride treatment to protect teeth from future plaque and tartar buildup
  • Sealant application to provide a barrier against bacteria
  • Perioceutic (antibiotic) therapy to prevent infection in the pockets around the teeth

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease can occur when calculus (tartar) on the tooth surface spreads under the gum line and secretes harmful bacteria. This can lead to painful infection and tooth loss, along with diseases of the heart, kidneys and liver if bacteria enters the bloodstream. The best way to keep your pet free of gum disease is through prevention, or recognizing the early signs and seeking immediate treatment. These signs can include:

  • Swollen, bright red gums
  • Excessive, uncontrollable drooling
  • Loose, broken and/or discolored teeth
  • Facial swelling
  • Difficulty holding onto food
  • Altered behavior
  • Pawing/rubbing at the face and mouth
  • Bad breath

At-Home Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning

Want to build an effective dental care program for your pet? Come and see us! We can offer teeth cleaning demonstrations, product recommendations and more to either get you started, or help you get back on track. We're pet owners, too, and we know how important it is to have the encouragement and support of a capable veterinary team. Our animal hospital carries an extensive line of the highest-quality oral care products, including special diets, chews, antiseptic rinses and brushing supplies.

To establish a customized treatment plan for your pet or schedule an oral exam, call us today at (713) 524-3800!

Dog Teeth Cleaning in Houston, TX