Welcome to Animal Medical Center of the Village

We can’t wait to welcome you into our veterinary family. All of our staff love animals and are dedicated to giving them the best pet health care possible. We want your pet to feel comfortable with us, so we’ll do our best to take away stressful stimuli and the parts of a veterinary appointment that makes pets anxious in order to make their appointments successful and even fun. We know the age-old stereotype of pets being terrified of the vet, and we have worked hard to make our animal hospital and our appointments as free from veterinary anxiety as possible.

We are pleased to provide veterinary services to the pets of Houston, Texas and surrounding communities including West University Place and Belleaire. Give us a call, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with your pets’ needs.

What to expect from your first visit.

Business as usual means being part of the family, and we want you and your pet to feel right at home. When you first arrive at our animal hospital, you can expect a coffee bar, Guest Wifi, and plenty of new-client information as part of your welcome packet. Whether you have a young pet or an older one, we can help educate you on their best possible care.

We also have three different seating areas to help lower your pet’s stress. For cat owners: we spray our cat only exam room with pheromones and we do not allow any other species in that room so that your cat can be more at ease when they come in for their appointments

Our pet hospital offers extended visits for new patients to go over their health history, and for those with puppies and kittens we talk about everything from their health to how training is going for them, and we can recommend trainers if necessary.

From unexpected emergencies to regular appointments, we understand that veterinary fees can be a deterrent for some pet owners. That’s why we’re happy to offer Care Credit, to make your visit as accessible as possible. We will always go over your pet’s potential treatment plan with you so there are no hidden surprises when it comes to making a decision for treatment.