Our Houston Veterinary Hospital is a Fun Place to Be

Animal Medical Center of the Village was first established in 1983 and since that time, we’ve been setting ourselves apart from the typical veterinary facilities. Our Houston veterinary hospital is all about combining efficiency and professionalism with a lot of fun. We have built an environment we feel is both playful and professional for the pets and owners of Houston. Our team of veterinarians have a joyful nature about them as well. Not only will they provide your pet with the medical care they deserve through our many services, but they will have fun along the way.

Our Houston veterinary hospital also sets itself apart with the animals we care for. Not only do we see dogs and cats on a regular basis, but also birds, rabbits, and pocket pets. Our care even extends to the Wildlife Center of Texas, where we work with many animals that are in need of medical care. If you want to bring your pet to a place that’s playful, professional, fun, and happy, visit Animal Medical Center of the Village today.

Our Veterinary Services

Our Houston veterinary hospital provides the following services for all pets:

  • Pet exams and vaccinations, which also includes parasite control and prevention through testing and preventative medicines, along with nutrition and behavior counseling if it’s needed
  • Pet diagnostics, where we provide CBC and blood chemistries in our lab, do a urinalysis, and use endoscopy, ultrasounds, digital x-rays, and CT scans
  • Pet dentistry, which is when we polish your pet’s teeth, provide fluoride treatments, apply sealants, and much more
  • Pet surgery, where we provide spay/neuter and other orthopedic procedures, with some of them being done with our CO2 laser

Animal Medical Center of the Village also provides services that are exclusive to birds and exotic pets. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • In-house consultations on diet, husbandry, and housing
  • Specialty animal diets
  • Bird wing and beak trimming
  • Parasite control
  • Pet grooming
  • Pet diagnostics

If you want to bring your pet to Animal Medical Center of the Village, contact us at 713-524-3800 for an appointment.