Helpful Pet Health Links

Our veterinarians and veterinary staff like to keep our clients educated on all things related to pets and animals. Check out the helpful pet health links below for important information, and to see how you can contribute to animal welfare.

Pet Health Insurance Review – Compare different pet health insurance companies and insurance plans, and read reviews from pet owners to help you choose the best policy for your pet.

Consumers Advocate – Features the 10 best pet health insurance plans as of 2018 and allows you to compare rates, coverage, benefit limits, deductibles and more. This resource also includes important frequently asked questions about pet health insurance.

Hurricane and Flooding Pet Safety – Important guidelines for preparation and pet safety during hurricanes, floods and other dangerous weather events.

American Heartworm Society – Provides extensive information regarding heartworm disease, prevention, treatment, and much more.

Companion Animal Parasite Council – Includes expert articles, a resource library, general parasite guidelines, and a full encyclopedia of different parasites affecting pets.

ASPCA Poison Control – An important resource that educates pet owners on harmful plants, foods and household chemicals, and has helpful experts available to consult 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions – Houston’s one and only animal shelter that accepts every single animal that comes through its doors.

Citizens for Animal Protection – Promotes respect and compassion for animals while also providing adoption services, shelter, foster care and more.

Houston Area Dog Rescue – Use this resource for adopting a specific dog breed in the Houston, Texas area.

Houston Humane Society – Adopt a pet, donate, volunteer, report animal cruelty, or request an appointment at their Wellness & Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Houston SPCA – Offers volunteering opportunities, wildlife rehabilitation programs, adoptions, community outreach programs and more.

Fond Memories – Cremation services that allow you to memorialize your pet however you choose — products include urns, figurines, and more.

Pet Key – You can register your pet’s microchip into this worldwide database.

Arbor Day Foundation – Promotes forest conservation and works with various corporations to plant more trees, improve air and water quality and reduce poverty and hunger.

World Wildlife Fund – The world’s leading conservation organization that uses science and its connections with various influential organizations to promote and carry out solutions that benefit both humanity and the planet on which they live.

International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council – Provides education and resources to promote wildlife conservation around the world.

Lone Star Wildlife Rescue – Treats native and non-native wildlife in and around the Houston, TX area in order to return them safely to the wild.

The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA) – An organization committed to preserving and restoring natural ecosystems and promoting wildlife rehabilitation.

The Sea Turtle Restoration Project’s Mission – An organization dedicated to restoring endangered marine species including sea turtles, fish, seabirds and marine mammals. Promotes sustainable policies for the preservation of marine life through education, litigation, grassroots campaigns and strategic litigation.

The Wildlife Center of Texas – Provides rehabilitation, education, volunteering opportunities and wildlife assistance.

Tri-State Bird Rescue: Baby Bird FAQ – Answers common questions about what to do if you find a baby bird in or around your home.

TWRC Wildlife Center – A non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center that promotes environmental conservation and educates the public.

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