Convenience in Pet Care: Our Veterinary App

At our animal hospital, we do our best to not only deliver exceptional services to your pet, but to make your life a little easier, too. Our veterinary app gives you a simple way to keep up with your pet’s health care. With its easy functionality and intuitive design, you’ll be a whiz at it in no time.


What to Expect from Our App

Our veterinary app, HAPPYVET, is designed specifically for pet owners. With it you can:

  • Request appointments
  • Receive appointment reminders and confirmation
  • Request prescription refills
  • Track your pet’s fitness
  • Record your pet’s medical or behavioral changes in pet journals
  • Set-up pet profiles
  • Take and share photos
  • Receive important clinic information
  • Access your pet’s medical records

You can download HAPPYVET from iTunes or the Google Play Store. Simply search for HAPPYVET, download the app, and then follow the prompts and connect to our practice.

If you have any questions, let us know!