Professional Dog Training

Why go to a training facility across town when you can bring your pet to us? At Animal Medical Center of the Village, we’re proud to be partners with an experienced trainer who leads dog training classes every Tuesday and Wednesday evening out of our Houston clinic. Whether your dog needs additional obedience training or more socialization with other dogs, we’ve got you covered.


Classes Offered

Our trainer offers level 1 (basic training) and level 2 classes. All dogs must successfully complete the level 1 courses before moving on to level 2. However, if your dog has already been trained in the basics, we can move them up to the next level. Lessons include standard obedience training, commands, behavioral modification and more. You and your dog can expect an easygoing, positive environment that fosters healthy interaction between pets and people. Be sure to clear your schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday nights; we’d be happy to have you!


About Our Trainer

Martha McGee founded Houston Behavior and Training Associates (HBTA), a program that trains people to train their dogs. Ms. McGee has trained dogs for over 40 years, and began training professionally in 2003 at the Houston SPCA. There she provided behavioral consultations, obedience training, and professional development programs for other trainers. She is nationally accredited by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA).

We are pleased to host Houston Behavior and Training Associates for weekly Level 1 and Level 2 canine training classes. Be sure to call us at (713) 524-3800 if you would like to know more.