Our Involvement in the Community

To us, community involvement means not only caring for pets, but also expanding our boundaries to sponsor events, promote outreach and educate community members. We're proud to be a part of Houston and are happy to take any opportunity we can to connect with local families and organizations. We enjoy contributing our time and knowledge towards helping people and their pets, and being an advocate for animal welfare. 

Our recent/current involvements include:

  • Being a sponsor at the West University Halloween Dash & Kid's Fun Run to benefit West University's Parks & Recreation Department
  • Sponsoring the Houston Cat Club cat show, at which Dr. Jordan is a regular fixture--you can find him at the "Ask the Vet" booth every year. 
  • Hosting badge events for local Girl Scout groups

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

We love helping you take care of your pets, but we always try to go above and beyond for animals, both domestic and wild. The local wildlife are an important part of the community, too, and we take any opportunity we can to give them a helping hand. 

One of the organizations we're proud to work with is The Wildlife Center of Texas. If you find a wild animal near your home or in any other place they shouldn't be, The Wildlife Center of Texas is the place to contact. We recommend following the link to their website for more information about how to handle wildlife that may or may not be in distress.

It is important to remember that an animal on its own, especially a baby, is not necessarily in danger. Handling a wild animal without first knowing whether it really needs help can be harmful, both for them and for you. 

The Wildlife Center of Texas is in the process of moving to a new location. However, they are still welcoming admissions, which can be brought to their temporary location at 900 Portway Drive in Houston. Experienced staff members are available to assist at 713-861-9453 every day except New Year's, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. 

Just the kindest, pet centered vets in town! They have been so responsive and so they treat exotics. Nice to have one place for all of our animals - Dachshund, Lab, Great Pyrenees and our Flemish Giant rabbit.
Chrissy D

Brought my bearded dragon as a first time visitor. The staff was so nice and helpful! I felt very comfortable. The doctors and assistants were also knowledgeable and took time to make sure I was providing the right care for my Tomo.
Christina S

The staff is amazing here. They helped get my #1 back to his normal, healthy self. Everyone of was kind, helpful, and attentative. 10/10 would recommend.
Hanna K

I also love that you treat so many kinds of animals! We have taken you ferrets, a chicken, a pot bellied pig and ofcourse, dogs. You have done an excellent job with all. I would (and do often!) heartily recommend this clinic. Thank you being so good at your job!
Salise S

Took our Berber Skink in this weekend and was totally impressed by the caring staff. Dr. Jordan did a great job in diagnosing Skittles' problems. Kim was very patient in explaining what we needed to do to bring him back to health. We would highly recommend them for all your pet family members.
Sonja H

Extremely professional staff, yet personable. Genuine care and concern is something that I noticed on my first visit, which will keep me coming back.
Phillip E

I took my lionhead dwarf rabbit for an initial wellness checkup today and loved Dr. Jordan and Kim! I'm glad to have established Kiki's care here and highly recommend Animal Medical Center of the Village!
Kathy M