Halloween Pet Safety in Houston

Tips for a Safe & Happy Halloween

Whether or not you’re a Halloween enthusiast, you can’t resist the infectious charm of this holiday. Many of us feel a strong urge to decorate our homes with scary decorations, dress up as our favorite characters, and fill our homes with treats. While these are all things we enjoy, our furry friends may not love it quite so much. Many elements of Halloween can be scary for them, and can even cause them harm. Take care to avoid dangerous situations with your pet with our Halloween pet safety tips!

Halloween Pet Safety in Houston: A Dog Dressed Up as a Ladybug for Halloween
  • Keep the candy away from curious pet noses. Chocolate is a well-known toxin, yet many other candies can cause severe stomach upset simply from being so sugary. Furthermore, sugar-free candies often contain xylitol, another dangerous toxin to pets.
  • If you’re handing out candy at your front door, put a barrier up between your pet. With all the strange guests in bizarre costumes, pets can get anxious and scared and may lash out or try to escape through the open door.
  • If your pet is wearing a costume, make sure they love it and that it fits properly. Uncomfortable pets can become irritated which often results in bad behavior. Also, make sure to always supervise your pet when in costume to prevent any malfunctions!
  • Many décor items have electrical cords which pets have a tendency to investigate and chew. Make sure to secure any cords away from your pet’s reach to avoid electric shock.
  • Take care to place candles and jack-o’-lanterns outside or way out of reach of wagging tails and curious noses. Kittens especially can be drawn to the flickering light which puts them in danger of wax burns or starting a fire.

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